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Conference Organizers

National Organizing Committee: Prof. Andrew Blasko, Chair; Assoc. Prof. Antoaneta Hristova; Assoc. Prof. Yolanda Zografova,  Assoc. Prof. Toshko Krastev; Asst. Prof. Mona Foscolo, Asst. Prof. Diliana Veleva, Krasimira Neshkova - Atanasova, Asst. Prof. Ilina Nacheva, Asst. Prof. Zornitsa Totkova.

International Organizing Committee: Prof. Vessela Misheva, Chair; Prof. Andrea Salvini; Prof. Robert Dingwall; Prof. Gregory Smith; Assoc. Prof. Michael Dellwing; Assoc. Prof. Thaddeus Muller; Assoc. Prof. Emma Engdahl.